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Covet Dancer Application

Want To Be An Official COVET DANCER?




Do you have an active PUBLIC Instagram account with at least 750 followers?

Is Musical.ly the place you show off your newest dance moves and gear?

Are most of your SnapChat stories done on the way to and from the dance studio or with dance friends?

Do you tweet about everything that happens in your dance and social life?

Do you want to receive some free exclusive gear in exchange for promoting our brand all over Social Media, at competitions, and your studio?

Please read the details below and then fill out the application. As a token of our appreciation we will send you a 15% OFF coupon code just for completing the application.

What the few lucky chosen Covet Dancers get:

What we are looking for in applicants:

In return, we expect our selected Covet Dancers to post product promotions and reviews on Social Media sites such as Musical.ly, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and Twitter.

For each package received the Covet Dancer must post at least four separate times about the products in the Covet Surprise Pack. That’s once a week for a month. Not too hard, right?!? These posts can simply be a photo of a Covet Dance shirt or product with the hashtag #covetdance or a photo or video of the dancer wearing/using the item tagging us. We are looking for creative dancers to do fun things with our products.

So…if you think you are up to a three month commitment to working with us then fill out this application before February 14, 2017. We will be announcing the new COVET DANCERS at the end of February. MERDE!

NOTE: Your Social Media accounts must be PUBLIC in order to qualify to be an Official Covet Dancer.

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