What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You As A Dancer

December 26, 2020

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You As A Dancer

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You As A Dancer

Do you think your dance style and personality is influenced by your zodiac sign? We thought it would be fun to explore each of the signs as dancers and talk about why they love dance, their dance style, and how they are in class. Check out your sign below and let us know in the comments if you thought it was accurate!


Aries: Dance connects you to the fire in your heart as you become one with the music. You love dancing to loud music and pushing your body to its limits. You are so passionate and could dance all night (to the right playlist of course). In dance class, you wish you could just skip all of the practicing and get to the stage. But remember all good things take patience and practice!

Taurus: Your favorite part about dancing is probably the music (and the clothes...the hair...the makeup...the whole aesthetic!)  For you, dance is all about the beautiful combination of artistic visuals and sounds. You are always making new playlists for routine ideas. In dance class, you are always there to help everyone get ready because you make the best ballet buns! 

Gemini: Dance helps you get all of your energy out! You can dance all day (and probably do because you have so many classes you signed up for!) In dance class, you most look forward to seeing your friends and making new ones. You are usually working on multiple dance routines at once because you can't wait to start a new project when inspiration strikes!

Cancer: Dance is how you feel connected to your romantic heart. You probably started dancing because we're inspired by the elegant ballerinas who seemed to float around the stage. In dance class, you are kind to all of the people you meet and help encourage your friends when they are feeling stuck. You have a beautifully classic dance style and are strong enough to work hard and make any dreams in your heart come to life!

Leo: You love the thrill of being center stage! Dance helps you feel like a shining star (even if you are just performing for your dog in your bedroom) When you dance, you light up the space with your glowing smile and passion. In dance class, you might have the habit of singing along to songs while you dance (because you love singing too). You can't wait to get your solo and add your own sparkle quality to really make the routine pop! Your confidence is your dance superpower, use it to help lift others up in class and feel more confident shining their own light. 

Virgo: You love the classic beauty of Dance. It helps you to feel connected to your creative self and get out of your head. You love to follow a rhythm and feel it connect with your heart and body. You have more patience than most and can practice until you master a new move. You are probably never late to dance class (and if you are you might be early next week to make up for it). You have very driven goals and are always challenging yourself to do better. Remember to take a moment to be proud of how far you have come! 

Libra: You love all things art and music so it’s no wonder you love dancing! For you, dance is how you can express beauty and become a moving work of art. In dance class, you are probably always recommending new trendy songs for a routine. You love being surrounded by other people who are as passionate about dance as you! You have the ability to keep a level head when faced with a new challenging move. 

Scorpio: Dance helps you feel connected to your authentic power. You have an amazing ability to feel the emotions of a song and interpret it into beautiful choreography. For you, dance is about being brave enough to challenge yourself and commit to your passion. Your dance style is enchanting because you add extra mystery and depth to the routine. In dance class, you are a loyal friend and probably have a few best friends that you try to take the same classes with. You are encouraging and honest to your fellow classmates.

Sagittarius: Dance helps you feel free. When you can lose yourself in a song or leap into the air you feel alive! For you, dance is about having a blast and celebrating life. In dance class, you always bring a fun energy to the studio and aren’t afraid to try a new challenging move. You wish you didn’t have to follow a routine all the time, but the rush you get from being on stage makes it all worth it!

Capricorn: Dancing helps you feel your best self. Your arabesque is high but your standards are higher! You are always setting new dance goals for yourself. For you, dance is about elegance and pose. You admire the beautiful history and traditions of dance. In dance class, you aren't afraid of putting in the hard work to reach a new goal. You have an amazing ability to push yourself to get better and better. You can probably hold a pose longer than most because you have great strength and self discipline. 

Aquarius: You are always the first to try a new funky move and you don't care how silly you look in front of others. For you, dance is about expressing your unique style and perspective on the world. In dance class, you love doing avant garde routines paired with imaginative costumes. Plus, you always have the coolest dance shirts and accessories. Keep dancing to the beat of your own drum! 

Pisces: Dance is a channel for your limitless imagination. When you dance you feel like you are transported to another world. Your favorite part about dance is the ability to tell a story with music, dance, and costumes. You have a dreamy dance style that makes a fantastical routine come to life before the audience’s eyes! In dance class, you might get caught daydreaming while you are doing barre. Your kindness and sweet nature makes dancers feel comfortable practicing with you.

 Was this accurate for your sign? Let us know in the comments below!

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