Custom Logowear for Blessed Feet Dance and Fundraiser Webstore Success

Custom Logowear for Blessed Feet Dance and Fundraiser Webstore Success

We are "tutu blessed" to have had the chance to work with Cassandra Bair, Director and Dance Instructor at Blessed Feet Dance in San Marcos, California. This dance studio offers very affordable pricing for dance classes, along with a welcoming and structured environment for young dancers. Blessed Feet Dance is truly a blessing to this community!

Cassandra's goals were to offer trendy studio logowear to her students at affordable prices–and to re-work her logo. Cassandra said, "I love the design aesthetic of Covet Dance and trust that whatever you do will be fabulous!" We mentioned our amazing new Fundraiser Webstore service and Cassandra was very excited to give it a try.

The webstore takes the ordering and money-gathering process out of the studio owner's hands, because your parents and patrons essentially are just shopping online like they normally would. You set a time period for placing the orders and once the deadline is reached, we process the order and the Dance Studio receives a check with the profits along with their their completed order! Did we mention this service is free of charge, and hassle free? Cassandra did her part and promoted her branded webstore on social media and company eblasts.

Our favorite thing that came out of our exchange with Blessed Feet Dance, other than Cassandra's adorable personality, is the "Tutu Blessed" design. Sharene, designer and owner of Covet Dance, had been toying with the concept for years, and this was the perfect moment to execute it. The design quickly became one of our favorites, so much so that we added it to our 2017 collection (to be premiered this winter).

Cassadra also gravitated to one of our existing designs in the Covet Dance collection "Dancers Are The Athletes of God", but asked that it be altered to a tagline of theirs, "Lifting Up The Love Of Dance".

The capsule collection was a success with her students and a great experience for us too. We can't wait to work with Cassandra on their Fall/Winter logowear!




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