OUR FAVE FIVE! Back To School (and dance) Wishlist:

OUR FAVE FIVE! Back To School (and dance) Wishlist:

Gearing up for back-to-school is almost as fun as celebrating the last day of school! Well, almost. We picked out our top fav five Covet Dance items for you!

1. Oh Pliés Full Zip Sueded Fleece Jacket. This zip-up jacket features a super-soft fleece that is perfect for warm-ups and as an everyday jacket for school. Oh Pliés, you know you need this jacket.

2. Martha Graham Quote Thermal Tumbler. While it is still warm outside, keep your refreshing beverages cool. And when gets chilly out, keep your hot cocoa piping hot on your ride to school with this chic tumbler.

3. DeFEET da FUNK Deodorizing Foot and Shoe Spritz. Lets face it, even your school backpack can get musty thanks to that banana peel you forgot in there. This spray is great for dance and anything with stank.

4. DANCER Cosmetic Bag. A super cute durable nylon zipper pouch with hot pink microfiber lining. The bright pink liner makes finding what you need a cinch.

5. Wingardium Leviosa Unisex Tee. I don't think we need to explain this one. (The ultimate back-to-school, whimsical Harry Potter music should be playing in your head right now.)

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