National Tap Dance Day

National Tap Dance Day

Here at Covet, we are so jazzed about tap dancing you can be sure there will be plenty of glorious noise coming from under every desk in the office on 5/25 from all the happy toes! May 25th is celebrated around the US as National Tap Dance Day because it is the birthday of one of the most famous tap dancers of all time, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (1878-1949). 

Please enjoy this quick little tap video from Covet ambassador, Bella Boye. And if you like her outfit you can grab one of these TAP Locations tees or the Vintage Joggers here on our site. You can shop our complete TAP collection here. Use code TAPDAY for a free Tap Sticker Set until May 29, 2022. (Tap Sticker Set must be in your cart for coupon to work)

Whether you choose to celebrate this awesome day by taking a tap dance class or watching an old tap film, we hope you enjoy a huge dose of this wonderful rhythmic art form, 

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