Maskne: The Newest #DancerProblem - Tips and Products to Help

Maskne: The Newest #DancerProblem - Tips and Products to Help

Dancers are SO happy to be back in the studio and be able to dance with our teachers and classmates safely. But wearing a mask while exercising has taken a toll on our skin causing mask-induced breakouts and irritation. Soothe and clear up your skin with these helpful tips and product recommendations created especially for dancers. 

1. Cleanse your face immediately after each class

Wearing a mask traps bacteria and sweat which can lead to acne. The best way to prevent a breakout is to immediately cleanse your face with something that will gently remove oil and cleanse the skin. A Micellar Water is perfect because you can keep it in your dance bag and cleanse the skin on the go. No water or rinsing required. Our Dance Off Micellar Water has tea tree oil which is known to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is commonly used in acne treatment. Just add the Micellar water to a cotton pad or use something like our Magic Mitt microfiber cloth and gently wipe over your entire face after taking off your mask.    

Dance Off Micellar Water

Dance Off Micellar Water with Tea Tree Oil - $14.00

Microfiber cloth 

Magic Mitt- Microfiber Makeup Remover  - $8.00

2. Use a nourishing cleanser 

Wearing a mask for long periods of time can irritate your skin so its important to use a cleanser that will help calm and nourish your skin. Our Triple Threat Facial Cleanser contains three Antioxidant Organic Teas; rooibos, green tea, and white tea extracts. Plus hydrating organic aloe and sunflower and olive oils. So even if you are washing your face more often it won't be overly drying to the skin. 

Triple Threat Facial Cleanser

Triple Threat Facial Cleanser -  $19

3. Treat problem skin with a purifying face mask 

Try using a calming face mask with ingredients such as aloe. Our Throwing Shade Charcoal Masque is a gentle, creamy, skin-quenching masque loaded with clarifying Activated Charcoal and hydrating oils to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Just apply a think layer to cleansed skin and rinse off five to twenty minutes later. The perfect treat after a long day of dancing! 

Throwing Shade Charcoal Masque

Throwing Shade Charcoal Masque - $14


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