Backstage at the Dance Recital

Make This Recital Your Best Yet!

What's so special about recital? Why do we love our annual studio performances so much? It's because recital is a celebration! There are no awards, no competition, no judges...just the chance to dance in front of our friends and families and show off all the hard work of the past year. So this recital season, dancers, let's be extra proud of ourselves. Let's show the audience how much joy and confidence dance brings to our lives!  

And because that's what Covet Dance is all about, we want to help your recital celebration be as perfect as possible. Here are some of our favorite recital weekend must-haves:

The Perfect Cover-Up Style

Funny dance swearshirt for good luck

1) Merde Sweatshirt $46 The perfect good-luck charm, this sweatshirt will keep your muscles warm and your spirits high! 

black cropped hoodie just for dancers

2) Dancer Embroidered Crop Hoodie $52  This stylish cropped fleece will keep you warm backstage while letting the world know you are a DANCER.  

dancer wearing tunic-style tank to ballet studio

3) Oh Pliés Tank $34  If sweatshirts are too hot for recital season in your part of the country, try this soft tank that will fit over your costumes easily.  If things don't go as planned backstage, just say "Oh, Pliés!"

Backstage Essentials

Fresh linen scented spray for eliminating odors on fabric and dance costumes

1) Covet Costume Fresh Spritz $9.95  If your costumes are smelling a little rank after rehearsal, break out this all-natural soybean derivative to absorb odor and leave your costumes fresh and new!

2) Spotlight Sparkle Spray $12  Make sure you shine under the lights this year with Covet's new Sparkle Spray, available in gold and platinum.  

Tame your fly-aways and keep your bun neat with Covet Super Slick Styling Gel

3) Super Slick Styling Gel $12  If you've been searching for the perfect hair gel, this is it!  It has long-lasting hold, does not dry crunchy, and shampoos out easily.  It will keep your hair slicked back and stage-ready!  

"mascara-like" stick with hair gel to tame your wispies and fly-aways

4) Covet Wisp Wand $12  Are you tired of your teachers telling you to spray back your wispies?  The wisp wand will be your new best friend.  Super-strong gel with a mascara wand applicator guarantees the cleanest, wisp-free stage hair you can get!  Covet Super Slick and the Wisp Wand are the dynamic duo of stage hair!  

Gifts for Teachers and Friends

Fluffy Tutu Bunnies with scrunchie skirt

1) Tutu Bunny $12  Your friends will love this fluffy bunny wearing a Covet Scrunchie as its tutu. Hang from your dance bag to hold more scrunchies, or just cuddle her as your fuzzy little backstage buddy.  

2) Working on the Choreo R&R Set  $16  Students and teachers will appreciate this relaxation kit after a long recital weekend! With a sleep mask, a silky scrunchie and Covet's Plié Pedi-Soak, this is the perfect way to relax and celebrate your success.  

Recital Rose Charm in Rose Gold

3) Recital Rose Necklace  $20  A recital rose that will last for years, with a message for all your fellow dancers (including teachers!): Remember you're amazing.  


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