Kick Start Your Audition Prep with our Top 5 Audition Tips

Kick Start Your Audition Prep with our Top 5 Audition Tips

Audition Season often comes those moments when you start to get timid before tryouts. It’s okay, we all feel that, and we know that the tips listed below will not only help you during your audition, but they’re something you can put into play in almost every aspect of your life. So grab a pen and take notes!


Tip #1 Create a Prep List of Must Haves and Knows

You want to make sure that on Audition Day, you're ready, you're prepped and you aren't forgetting something know... like your head shots or your resume. Why not find some ideas from our list here and make sure you're not forgetting something?

Tip #2 Remember to Exude Positive Body Language 

It doesn't matter if you've got the best pirouette in the world, if you don't showcase your confidence (in the right way... you don't want to come off snobby) then odds are the judges are going to be more focused on "what's wrong" than what's right. This is where the proper eye contact, facial expressions and showcasing your genuine sweet spirit is key. You've trained months for this. You've worked harder than you ever have... so get out there and show them just how determined you are, just remember to stay humble.  

Tip #3 Study Your Transitions.

You already know that in dance, there is one thing that takes precedence above all other aspects... and that is unity. The choreography, the music, the must all match up just right. One way you can help that is by focusing on the transitions within your routine. Watch for too much repetition, experiment with different energies of a movement, and focus on making sure the movements you've created create a logical conclusion for the audience.  

Tip #4 Build Strength with Musicality

Make sure to practice both free and bound movement! Finding comfortability in both being able to just let loose like Footloose and mastering the muscle tightening movements is going to not only impress the judges, but it's going to impress yourself. Be patient, and listen while you learn. 

Tip #5 Focus on Being in the Moment 

It's easy to get swept up in the pressure of auditions, but we want you to remember something... this is your moment. You deserve to enjoy every second of it, without worrying too much about the outcome of the judging. This is what you love to do it.

For even more help preparing for auditions, check out our Pinterest Board: DANCE AUDITION TIPS

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