Introducing Our 2022 Covet Dancers!

Introducing Our 2022 Covet Dancers!

A few months ago, we began the search for our 2022 ambassadors. After reviewing A LOT of applications from talented and passionate dancers, we had the challenging task of narrowing them down... and it was so hard to decide!

We are so happy to introduce the five "Covet Dancers" for this year! Let's get to know them even better:


Covet Dancer- Allie Mae

Name: Allison (Allie Mae) MacMillan

Age: 14

State: California (and Canada to attend the National Ballet School!)

Instagram: @alliemaeballet

Tik Tok: @alliemaeballet 

Favorite Dance Style(s): Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary

Dance Inspiration: Tiller Peck

Favorite Song to Dance To: "Someone Like You" - Adele

Fun Fact: Allie is only in 8th grade and has completed 10 college units! She is currently learning French and hopes to learn Mandarin next.


Katie Rae 2022 Covet Dancer 

Name: Katelyn (Katie Rae) MacMillan

Age: 12

State: California 

Instagram: @katieraeballet

Tik Tok: @katieraeofficial

Favorite Dance Style(s): Ballet and Contemporary

Dance Inspiration: Mira Nadine

Favorite Song to Dance To: "Angel" -  Sarah McLachlan

Fun Fact: Katie has a great sense of humor and loves to make others laugh and smile... and she's put that to use by performing in theatre productions!


2022 Covet Dance Ambassador Lexi

Name: Lexi Bancroft

Age: 12

State: Massachusetts

Instagram: @lexib.dancer

Tik Tok: @lexibdancer

Favorite Dance Style(s): Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary

Dance Inspiration: Autumn Miller

Favorite Song to Dance To: Anything with a great beat! 

Fun Fact: Lexi has 5 pets, 2 dogs and 3 cats!


Covet Dance Ambassador 2022

Name: Nadia Wilde

Age: 14

State: Maryland

Instagram: @nadiagrace17

Tik Tok: @nadiagrace21

Favorite Dance Style(s): Jazz and Pointe

Dance Inspiration: All of her teachers and the NYC Rockettes

Favorite Song to Dance To: “It’s Snowing”

Fun Fact: Nadia loves making new dance friends and inspiring younger dancers!


2022 Covet Dance Ambassador Sophia

Name: Sophia Cherr

Age: 12

State: Florida

Instagram: @Sissonnesophie

Tik Tok: @sissonesophie

Favorite Dance Style(s): Ballet and Contemporary

Dance Inspiration: Skylar Brant

Favorite Song to Dance To: Will dance to anything but loves Taylor Swift!

Fun Fact: Sophia has been dancing since she was 3 years old and was put on pointe at age 8!

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