Introducing Our Summer 2021 Ambassadors!

Introducing Our Summer 2021 Ambassadors!

Approximately two months ago, we began the search for ambassadors for Summer 2021. After reviewing hundreds of applications from talented and passionate dancers, we had the challenging task of narrowing them down to 2-3... It was so hard to decide! 

We are so happy to introduce the four "Covet Dancers" for Summer 2021! Let's learn a little more about each of them:

Name: Ava Ramirez

Age: 11

State: South Carolina

Instagram: @firstavabesque

TikTok: @firstavabesque3

Favorite Dance Style/Classes: Ballet, Pointe, Variations

Name: Kiera Sun

Age: 11

State: California

Instagram: @kiera_sun_

TikTok: @dancing.kiera

Biggest Dance Inspiration: Isabella Boylston

Name: Maddux Ellison

Age: 12

State: California

Instagram: @maddux.ellison

TikTok: @maddux.ellison

Favorite Product: Gotta Dance - Boys Tank

Name: Raven Winder

Age: 18

State: Georgia

Instagram: @Thiccballerinas

TikTok: @raven_loved

Favorite Song To Dance To: "Down" by Marian Hill 



Keep an eye out for more social media and blog posts coming soon highlighting each dancer!

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