Harper Watters X Covet Dance

Harper Watters X Covet Dance

Wear it, watch it, work it, live it, breathe it, own it!

Our favorite collaboration so far has been with Harper Watters, Houston Ballet Soloist and recent Dance Spirit Magazine cover model! Through his work with the ballet company, the viral videos of him dancing in towering pink heels, and his YouTube channel, The Pre Show, Harper serves as a role model dedicated to empowering those in his communities to live in their authentic expression.

These fun tees and hoodies have a rose gold foil imprint that glitters and shines in the light. Harper says of the collection, "The pink is inspired by my trademark heels and the gold is to always strive to be your best."

To learn more about Harper, check out his Q&A video with Dance Spirit

And you definitely need to see this: This Ballet Dancer Went Viral Proving High Heels are Genderless

We just know you will enjoy wearing these special garments as much we did creating them with Harper!

To view and purchase now just click on the photos below. 

To see more fabulous photos of Harper and his Houston Ballet friends CLICK HERE

 Stay flawless. Stay fabulous. Stay flexible. 

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