Great Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

Great Dance Teacher Gift Ideas

They invest great time and energy into refining your technique and creating choreography to keep you inspired. They deserve a really special holiday gift. Covet Dance has some fun and clever products that dance teachers will really love. Whether they teach ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, or all of the above, you can find something for all your teachers here on our site. Below you will find a list of five perfect dance teacher gifts! 

Dancer Problems are Solved With This Foot Care Kit


1. Dancer Foot Care Kit 

Part of the Covet Dance #DancerProblems Collection, this adorable pouch contains some clever remedies to common dancer foot care issues. It includes the four piece Nailed It manicure set, a spiky Massage Ball, and a bottle of DeFeet Da Funk Deodorizing Foot and Shoe Spritz!

A great self care gift that any dancer will greatly appreciate $24


Periodic Table of Dance Elements
2. Periodic Dance Table of Elements Poster  

Looking for a truly unique gift? Then this Periodic Table of Dance Elements is the perfect option! Teachers can hang this fun poster in their dance studio or home. It features Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary "elements". It is such a fun gift that is sure to make any dancer smile! $20








3. Merde Tote Bag

Dance Teachers practically live out of their dance bags, so why not get them one that will bring a smile to their face? (and some good luck, too!)  This ultra-durable canvas tote has lovely brown leather straps and is the perfect teacher bag.  $32


all of these pieces are included in the Art of Dance Thermal TUmbler/Water Bottle
4. The Art of Dance Thermal Tumbler  

 This tumbler with exchangeable top is both a coffee cup and a water bottle... perfect teachers who need to wake up and stay hydrated.  With a sophisticated design based on the art of Henri Matisse, your teacher will make this her go-to bottle.  $42

 Cute sloth Adagio Pro sweat towel for ballerinas to keep in their dance bags

5. Adagio Pro Sloth Towel

Not only can your teacher freshen up after class with this super-soft microfiber towel, she can also get a good laugh at the adorable image of a sloth hanging on a ballet barre.  $11








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