Gift Guide for Dance Teachers & Dance Moms

Still shopping for your favorite ballet instructor? Can't find a perfect "dance mom" inspired gift? Covet Dance can fix that! Read the newest addition to our "2021 Ultimate Dancer Gift Guide" and remember to order by December 21st, 12:00pm PST. 

For dance teachers:

1. Fizzy Feet Foot Soak Bombs

Our brand new, best selling product! Help them relax after a long afternoon of teaching classes. - $12.50

2. Periodic Table of Dance Elements - Poster

Includes ballet, jazz and contemporary terms. Frame it and hang it above the barre at the studio! - $15-20.00, 2 sizes available

3. The Body Says What Words Cannot- Thermal Tumbler

Available in two colors. Because teachers need to caffeinate before a long day of Saturday rehearsals! - $24.00


For dance moms:

1. Fouetté Fizzies

Another new product... because moms always deserve a spa day! - $16.00

2. TUTU TAXI- Dance Mom Keychain

Available in two colors. The cutest keychain to show off during competition weekends. - $19.00

 3. Mom's Ballet Valet-Removable Car Sticker

Show your appreciation for the HUNDREDS of miles she's driven to and from the dance studio! - $5.00

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