It's Almost Time to Get Spooky!

It's Almost Time to Get Spooky!

With school back in session, summer has officially come to a close. Don't be sad! That means we get to soon experience the brightly colored leaves, the smell of pumpkin spice filling the coffee shops and one of every dancer's favorite things...costumes! 

Now before you go stressing yourself out deciding on the perfect outfit, we wanted to share two of our best tips to keep your halloween fun and that budget on point!


Don't Be Afraid to DIY!

I Am Battement Muscle Tank Costume

 Fine Print: For those of you looking to keep your costume on the casual side, we’ve put together a simple, fun way to show off your battement boss style. Try your hand at the eye makeup below, and if you’re feeling extra bold, match with a yellow cape. Find this shirt here


Daddy's Little Dancer Baseball Tee


 Fine Print: So in case you didn’t know...Harley Quinn, the beautiful yet crazy dame from Marvel’s latest release, Suicide Squad is THE costume of the season!  And while we loved the film we thought we’d put our own take on it by releasing our limited edition “Daddy’s ‘Lil Dancer” tees. This would be so cute with a themed tutu and the makeup to match to stay on trend, while adding in your own little spin to it. *Bonus points if you tag us on Insta or Twitter! @covetdance


Not only is it great for our planet, but it just makes sense! Who else but us dancers have a closet full of costumes left over from a lifetime of fabulous shows? 

Between all the recitals, Nutcrackers, and competitions, you must have any number of beautiful, unique, even scary costumes that are sure to be a hit at any event.





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