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Dance Photoshoot Tips

October 18, 2020

Dance Photoshoot Tips

Have a dance photoshoot coming up? Feel confident and prepared with some amazing photoshoot advice from a few of our experienced Covet Dancers. Download our free Dance Photoshoot Checklist to take with you and get the most out of your session! 

Covet Dance photoshoot with Alexa

Alexa:When I’m shooting dance photos I always like to make sure I’m warmed up and stretched. I usually take a minute to check to make sure my technique (turnout & pointed toes) is right before I go into the pose. It’s always good to do each pose with a few different facial expressions and variations of the pose to get one that you or the photographer like. When modeling dancewear or clothing it’s always good to show the item in the best way by not covering it up when posing.

Lastly, try and have fun!"

 Dance Photo Shoot Tips Jumping Pose


Covet Dance Ambassador, Grace in Santa Barbara, CA

Grace:The night before a photoshoot I like to lay out my outfits for the next day. Some unexpected items that I like to bring would be; a changing cape or changing tent for quick changes, baby wipes to keep my bare feet clean, snacks are also important. My advice for figuring out poses would be to practice in the mirror so you know what looks good on you! When shooting, always add some variety so you can get the best angles of a pose. If you are struggling with pose ideas just start moving and it will look more natural. I also like to cut off my ribbons on my pointe shoes before a shoot and color them nude so they blend in with my legs more.” 


Photoshoot Tips Dance Pose
  • Pliè for jumps and if at first you don’t get the shot try again (and again and maybe again)
  • Don’t lose your face on poses
  • Stretch before shooting
  • Bring multiple changes and ideas to shoot
  • It’s ok to go out of your comfort zone, the most uncommon spots make for the best pictures
  • Bring wipes if shooting barefoot to wipe down feet in between spots
  • Extra items for hair and makeup
  • Have fun and be yourself


To make your photoshoot planning even easier, we created a super cute Photoshoot Checklist. It contains more helpful tips for what to bring and reminders for your session. 

Covet Dance Photoshoot Check List

Download For Free Now

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