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Covet Spreads Kindness Through the Dance World


If you know Covet, you know we love Social Media because it allows us to show off our new products, share dance-related information and give shoutouts to our fans who wear and use Covet gear. BUT we want to add a new element to our accounts - we want to promote KINDNESS and we need your help

The world would be a better place if everyone stopped focusing on themselves and how many likes and followers they have all the time and started showing more thoughtfulness towards others every once in awhile. SO join our campaign and let's all take time every week to post a pic of someone other than ourselves, someone who could use some kind words, and say something really nice about them. Whether it's your best friend, or that one kid who sits alone all the time, or even a homeless person, everyone could use a few encouraging words now and then. We challenge you to do this once a week and use the hashtag #CovetKindness. Once you do that then challenge a friend to do the same. 

We have set aside a place on our website to collect these kindness posts so everyone can see them and feel better. You can view the KINDNESS LOOKBOOK here.

AND because you know we love a good giveaway, we will be giving out a gift to folks who move us with their #CovetKindess posts. Not just one gift, but two! One to the person who posts the kind thoughts and one to the receiver of the thoughtful act. 

Please join us in this social awareness campaign and take time from your busy dance schedule to post something nice about someone else this week...and every week.

Kindness just feels so good. 


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