Covet Dancer Spotlight: Raven

Covet Dancer Spotlight: Raven

This week you have an opportunity to get to know Raven, an 18 year old ballet dancer and Covet Dance Ambassador!

Raven says her greatest accomplishment in life so far is graduating high school. Now, she's beginning her freshman year as a Dance major while also running her own business, the social media pages "@thiccballerinas."

 We asked Raven what her "most memorable dance moment" is and she said "It would have to be when I performed for my grandmother’s resting. During that performance, I felt the most vulnerable I have ever felt. The number of emotions that I was able to release made me feel so relieved. I felt as if I could dance for hours."

Raven says she stands out from other dancers simply because she can laugh at her own mistakes! It's easy to beat yourself up in a dance studio, but Raven channels this energy into her funny TikToks and relatable social media posts. 

Next, we asked Raven if she prefers stage performances or competitions. She answered, "I, one hundred percent, prefer stage performances over competitions. I feel that the competition aspect is very overwhelming and so many thoughts consume my head throughout the performance. When dancing in a stage performance, I’m not too worried about what the judges think, but more so about being able to connect with the audience and being able to share a moment or emotion with them." 

Finally, a fun fact about Raven is that she has two artistic inspirations. Ingrid Sylvia is her obvious first pick as a dancer, but Raven also loves reciting poems and looks up to Maya Angelou!

Be on the lookout for our next "Covet Dancer Spotlight" coming soon!

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  • Yvette

    Your accomplishments in the as a young dancer is outstanding. You are beautifully humble and striking. I wish you all the best in reaching your career goals.

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