Covet Dancer Spotlight: Kiera

Covet Dancer Spotlight: Kiera

This week we are spotlighting another talented Covet Dance Ambassador, Kiera, an 11 year old dancer from California!

Kiera's most memorable dance moment actually happened a few weeks ago. She attended The Dance Awards to compete for the first time EVER, and ended up taking home the title of "Mini Best Dancer First Runner Up" after a fun week of dancing, swimming, and eating ice cream in Las Vegas!

Kiera had even more incredible accomplishments during the 2021 convention/competition season. She placed in two categories at the YAGP Tampa finals, as well as winning "Mini Outstanding Dancer" at NYCDA Orlando! 

When asked "do you prefer stage performances or competitions?," Kiera said "I prefer stage performances because there is less pressure. I can just freely feel the music and express myself."

Kiera says she stands out from other dancers because she can do tricks and acrobatics like commercial dancers, but she also deeply trains and focuses on classical ballet. This versatility is super helpful for her technique!

Two fun facts about Kiera is that her nickname is "Backward Monkey" and that she wants to be a physical therapist or veterinarian when she's older.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about one of our ambassadors!