Covet Dancer Spotlight: Ava

Covet Dancer Spotlight: Ava

We are so excited to spotlight our four new Covet Dance Ambassadors! These talented dancers are all unique and passionate about their dance journey. Let's start with Ava!!

Ava is an eleven year old ballet dancer from South Carolina. Her "most memorable dance moment" was having the opportunity to play Clara in The Nutcracker for three seasons in a row. "I felt so honored to be trusted with that and have loved getting to grow up alongside the role." 

So far, Ava's greatest life accomplishment is receiving the HOPE Award at YAGP. That was her biggest goal as a young dancer, so winning that award helped boost her confidence!
When asked, "do you prefer stage performances or competitions?" Ava responded, "I love them both. I love competitions because it's just about me and my personal goals. I like being able to perform a variation and get better at each competition and learn from different stages and judges. But I love performances like 'The Nutcracker' or 'Dracula' where I get to dance a character from the start of a ballet til the end."
Ava - Ballerina Sweatshirt
Ava said when she grows up she wants to be a prima ballerina... duh! Her dream companies are ABT, The Royal Ballet and Houston Ballet. In order to reach that goal, Ava hopes to train at Ellison Ballet or Princess Grace Academy.
Ava - Dancer Things Crop TankFinally, besides dancing, Ava loves to eat avocado, listen to Olivia Rodrigo, travel to NYC, and play with her two dogs! We're so excited to continue working with Ava and learn even more about her!

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