Covet Dancer Spotlight: Annabel

Covet Dancer Spotlight: Annabel

Meet Annabel, a thirteen year old dancer from California who's been working with Covet Dance for over three years! Read the last "Covet Dancer Spotlight" of 2021 to get to know her better.


Annabel's "most memorable dance moment" was when she made it to YAGP finals. Having said that, she typically prefers stage performances to competitions because "competition depends on the judges and it’s very subjective!".


She knows she stands out from other dancers on those stages because of her strong emotion and storytelling while dancing. But Annabel's personality shines on and off stage!

Annabel's favorite dance styles are ballet and contemporary, so it makes sense that her dance inspirations are all of her teachers in those styles... specifically Jennifer and Dmitri Kulev, Jessie Riley, Megan Guise and Krystal Matsuyama-Tsai.

Although she's only thirteen years old, Annabel is already thinking about college... "When I get older I want to go to USC Kaufman or Julliard!" Those are some incredible goals!

Finally, this eighth grader says her "greatest accomplishment in life" are her grades and just being happy and healthy. We LOVE that... and we love that you're a "forever Covet Dancer", Annabel!