Check Out our 2016 Fall Covet Dancers!

Check Out our 2016 Fall Covet Dancers!

After reviewing all the applications we received from you talented readers & dancers out there, we are happy to announce our 2016 Fall Covet Dancers! We have no doubts these ladies will represent Covet Dance in a positive light. Want to find out more about the girls? Then check out their bios below!


Meet The Girls! 


Representing Covet Dance from Ohio, her favorite styles of dance are Ballet and Contemporary. She loves fried rice and springrolls. Her favorite place she's visited so far is Paris, France and her dance inspiration is Natalia Osipova.



All the way down in Florida, Karina is one of our newest Covet Dancer Additions! Her favorite styles of dance are Ballet and Jazz. She loves Mac & Cheese! Her favorite place she's visited so far is Los Angeles, Ca and her dance inspiration is Misty Copeland.



From the beautiful Bay State of Massachusetts, Kasey's favorite dance styles are Lyrical & Jazz. She loves pizza and often goes by the nickname, Kase. She holds a special place in her heart for the song "Daughter," by Youth.  Her dance inspirations include Travis Wall & Tate McRae



Up in Michigan we found Mari, the Contemporary dance style enthusiast. She often goes by the nickname Mai Mai, her favorite food is salmon, and she loves to hike and fish.  Her dance inspiration is her Dance teacher.



Hailing from Arizona, Kambria's favorite dance styles are Ballet, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. She loves Justin Timberlake and steak! Her goal is to be a choreographer when she grows up. Her dance inspiration are her Dance teachers.



This Rhode Island native loves all styles of dance! She loves pizza, Beyonce and her solo song "Smile." She goes by the nickname, Jelly, and want's to be a background dancer when she grows up. She also loves to draw and paint in her spare time. Her dance inspiration is her teacher, Ms. Angea Mendez-Pontarelli.



Another Florida native, Hannah chose Ballet and Contemporary as her favorite dance styles. She loves pizza and says her favorite place is New York City! She wants to be an instructor when she grows up and named both Svetlana Zakharova and Gilliane Murphy as her dance inspirations.



This Jersey girl put her favorite dance styles as Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary. She loves Caesar Salads and has been to the Galapagos! She loves Meghan Trainer, Beyonce, Drake, and her favorite song she's danced to is "Crazy in Love," by Beyonce. Her dancer inspirations are Travis Wall, Molly Long and Brian Friedman. 





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