Dance-Not Just a Hobby crop hoodies

Bossy Babes New Video - POWER feat. Covet Dance

It's always fun to see what these four girls and their team will come up with next. We were especially excited to see how they incorporated our DANCE - NOT JUST A HOBBY crop hoodies into their latest video. Enjoy this exciting excerpt showing off cool cars, great dancing, spectacular cinematography, fun choreography, a POWERful song, and, of course, our super cute hoodies!

A LITTLE ABOUT THE BOSSY BABES: We are a group of four confident (albeit very silly) girls that want to inspire other girls our age to stay confident! Growing up in a world that revolves around technology can be hard. We find our friends comparing themselves to what they see on social media and measuring their self-worth through activities shared on Instagram and the number of likes they receive. Our message is simple – work hard, play hard and stay confident. We express ourselves through our love of dance and tour the country together training, competing and inspiring other girls like us! It has been said that we have a unique chemistry that creates a powerful intensity on stage. 

💋 Hope 💚 Kassidy 💙 Skyler💜 Lindsey💖 Stay confident✨

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Click here to see the full video

Full credit for the song "Power" by Little Mix

Direction and Choreography by The Duo (Kenzie & Kayla Pimentel)

Cinematography & Editing by Derich Hartfeil

Dancewear provided by COVET DANCE

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