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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Time Off From Dance

Fun things to do this Summer

So, school's out and recital is over. What will you do now that you're not dancing ALL THE TIME? We have a couple of ideas to fill the empty void.

1. Take long walks on the beach with your dance bestie to relax and reminisce about all the fun moments at dance this past year. Make plans on how you will make next year even better and strategize ways to improve your technique.

2. Get outside for a change! As dancers there is not much time for outdoor activities so take advantage of your time off to get out there. Ride a bike, go on a hike, or even better, learn something new like how to fly a drone or ride a moped. Don't forget the sunscreen though. You know how sensitive dancer skin can be after having been inside the studio most of the year. 

3. Plan a fun photoshoot with friends! You don't need a professional photographer, just go somewhere interesting with a couple of your best dance friends and take some polaroids or cool shots with your phone. Work on your Boomerang skills so your social media accounts will reap the benefits of increased followers. Here's a handy guide to some great dance poses.

4. Enjoy a meal outdoors. We know there's not a lot of time in your busy life during the school year so take an afternoon go get a slice with your friends. Get in a good gossip session and whatnot. Who knows, you might even meet some new people to hang out with.

5. Create your own Summer stretch routine. Rejuvenate and maintain (or even increase) your flexibility at the same time. There's less pressure when you stretch on your own and you can do your favorites. Go on Pinterest and find some new stretches. Just remember be careful, use your good judgement, and don't do anything that doesn't feel right.

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