5 Dance Bag Must-Haves

March 12, 2021

5 Dance Bag Must-Haves

Dancers practically live out of their dance bags.

Part of being a dancer is being prepared for any challenge that may arise in the studio or on the stage. These five items will make a BIG difference when you need them but are still small enough to save room in your bag for the rest of your accessories. You'll wonder how you ever went to a dance competition, rehearsal, or your dance recital without them! 

1. Dancer Problems Kit 

Dancer Problems Kit

This pouch is filled with solutions for everyday emergencies dancers face during practice and performance. Whether in studio or on stage, keep this hardworking little kit handy in your dance bag so next time you hit a snag the solution is close at hand. Find the fix quickly and dance forward with confidence and grace...Covet Dance has got your back!  $24

2. Holding It Together - Bun Box

Holding It Together - Bun Box

Everything a busy ballerina needs to make a perfect ballet bun - all in a super-cute tin! $19

3. Relevé Relief - Muscle Rub for Dancers

Relevé Relief - Muscle Rub for Dancers

Perfect remedy for sore muscles after a hard day at dance. This Fair Trade Certified Organic muscle rub has both warming and cooling properties. $8

4. Jazz Hands Sanitizing Gel

Jazz Hands Sanitizing Gel

5. Fantastical Foot Fixer Lotion 

Fantastical Foot Fixer Lotion

This fabulous foot-focused wonder lotion is designed to help ease tired dancing tootsies and funky feet. It hydrates and nourishes dry skin while dispelling the sweaty dancer stench. $12

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