2020 - End of Year Dancer Horoscopes

2020 - End of Year Dancer Horoscopes

2020 started out pretty crazy, right?!? Read below to see what the stars have in store for dancers the second half of the year.

Aries SignARIES MAR. 21 - APR. 19 It's now time to start working on things you were putting off in early 2020. Your Aries creativity will be at it's strongest after September so put effort into some new choreo. You will also feel a boost in your power levels then so work on strengthening your core. Your teachers may put you in the spotlight and you will receive recognition after November. Don't wait in the wings though for things to happen. Take the lead and just GO FOR IT!

TaurusTAURUS APR. 20 - MAY 20 Your patience and hard work will start to pay off in Fall and a new positive energy will allow you to complete that unfinished choreo you have had spinning through your brain. In September you should consider branching out to different styles to further your dance education. If you do, you will identify a hidden skill you didn't know you had. Be courageous and be prepared to be center stage by the end of the year! 

GeminiGEMINI MAY 21 - JUN. 20 After a confusing start to the year, Geminis can expect a big change, either a new studio or a new teacher for example. The result will be positive so glow with the flow. You really need to focus on self-understanding in September. Practice self-love, maybe even reinvent yourself, and your confidence will increase and empower you. A group project or dance will allow you to find your true dance friends by the end of the year.

Cancer Zodiac SignCANCER JUN. 21 - JUL. 22 After the challenges of early 2020, you're set for a fresh start after June. Boost your wellness and rediscover your motivation through some yoga. Learn what really drives and touches you. Empowering these lifestyle changes will make room for discovering new passions. Branch out and take a few online dance classes in different international styles. You will find your social life blossoming in new and unusual ways by the end of November!

Leo Zodiac SignLEO JUL. 23 - AUG. 22 After the strange reality check that was the first half of 2020, you have become all about self-care and your health. It’s a year for making radical changes to improve your daily routine. Your motivation and enthusiasm builds to new levels as your dance teachers begin to expect more of you. You may have been in a rut, but the second half of the year is a powerful time for training and learning that you’ll apply to your advantage in early 2021.

Virgo Zodiac SignVIRGO AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22 In the second half of the 2020 you will find improved channels for expressing yourself and will have more confidence in your self and your creativity. Your patience was clearly tried in the beginning of the year but you will feel your energy and power returning after September. You will promoted to a new level and will begin to find that joy in dance again. Not much can stop you now! Creatively, you’re on fire. 

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LibraLIBRA SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22 After you’ve spent a lot of time in your safe space, it can be most welcome to move outside your comfort zone just a little at the end of 2020. You will feel determined to make improvements to your home studio and may feel the need to redecorate your room. You may also consider changing dance styles but you will have better growth if you stay focused. In Fall you will need to work on self-expression and then you will feel a surge of creativity. Use this to increase your improv and choreography skills.

Cute ScorpioSCORPIO OCT. 23 - NOV. 21 The events of 2020 are completely changing the ways you communicate and connect, to such a significant degree that your life is transformed and actually improves dramatically. It’s a magical and empowering. You're feeling a great surge of creativity through October. Feed your spirit through choreography and you will create a meaningful and powerful piece. You should also take some advanced online classes to increase your skill set. All you do in late 2020 will significantly increase your self-esteem moving into 2021.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS NOV. 22 - DEC. 21 With all the craziness so far in 2020, you need time to relax and detox. Try taking mindfulness or yoga classes and you will experience an increase in self esteem and a greater self-worth. You have an aura about you now that expresses a vibrant, healing energy. You will be more disciplined than usual. You’re also learning to take yourself a little less seriously. The work you are putting in during this transition time will benefit you greatly in 2021.

CapricornCAPRICORN DEC. 22 - JAN. 19 You've been making serious efforts to improve your dance skills so far this year, and now you’re finally feeling more confident and joyful about doing so! You're about to unleash a whole new YOU to the world. You will find yourself attracted to more modern choreo this second half of the year. You will let your Capricorn creativity loose after September 13th as you experience great power and release after the frustrations and irritations felt in Spring.  

AquariusAQUARIUS JAN. 20 - FEB. 18 There will be many changes in September with your studio/company and dance family. Not to worry, these will ultimately benefit you. The last half of 2020 is going to help you put any guilt, worry, fear, or insecurity you have been feeling behind you. You will discover unique ways to express and enjoy yourself through your dance education in Fall. In December you will feel the power to start on a fresh new solo and you will find that 2020 ends up being your best dance year EVER

PiscesPISCES FEB. 19 - MAR. 20 Due to the very confusing start of 2020, you will have to work much harder now. However, many new opportunities and strong support from your dance teachers will bring you positive results towards the end of November. You may be involved with a groundbreaking group or team piece that also brings you new friendships. These friendships will provide a much-needed mood boost and earn you respect. 

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