Introducing our Spring 2016 Covet Dancers

Introducing our Spring 2016 Covet Dancers

We are proud to announce our Covet Dancer team for Spring 2016! After reading through hundreds of applications we were tasked with having to choose a select few. It wasn't easy because in our eyes, everyone who wears Covet Dance is a Covet Dancer! But alas, we narrowed it down to twelve exceptional dancers who would leap, chassé, or relevé wearing our cute dancer apparel, gifts and accessories all over social media. So with out further ado, check out their mini-bios below:

Name: Noe Leilani

Hometown: Maitland, Florida

Instagram Handle: noeleilani

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

Favorite Place Visited: Alvin Ailey in NYC!

Greatest Life Accomplishment So Far: Winning a full scholarship to a Joffery Ballet School summer intensive last year. It was an amazing experience!

Something you might not know about her: She loves creepy things like tarantulas

Favorite Song Danced To: Summer Overture from Requiem for a Dream

Noe is wearing the "To Dance Is..." swing tank.

Name: Mackenzie Davis

Hometown: Frederick, Maryland

Instagram Handle: ballerinamackenzie

Favorite Covet Dance Items: Reversible Long Romper, Covet Dancer Thermal Joggers, "I Can't I Have Dance" tee, and "Ballerinas Do It Better" tank

Dance Inspiration: Dusty Button

Favorite Food: Pizza

Nickname: Kenz

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: Dancing in Brothers of the Knight produced by Debbie Allen.

What makes you stand out from other Dancers? I don't just do the movements, I dance through them.

Mackenzie is wearing Covet Dance Thermal Joggers.

Name: Peyton Evans

Instagram handle: peyton_kaye_

Favorite song ever danced to: Mr. Big Stuff

Favorite Band or Artist: Taylor Swift

Nickname: Peyts

Most memorable dance moment: When I won my first overall 6 foot dance trophy

Greatest Accomplishment so far: Being cast on Dance Mom's Season 6 and becoming a Covet Dancer.

What makes you stand our from other dancers? I'm a young and sassy dancer but very technical and a tumbler.

Stage or Competition: Competitions because I work so hard to improve.

Peyton is wearing the Covet Dance "Barre Babe" Lightweight Hoodie.

Name: Gianna Sage Poleto

Hometown:  Albany, New York

Instagram Handle: Giannasage_

Favorite food: Donuts

Favorite Musical Artist: Adele

Favorite song danced to: Vogue (by Madonna)

Stage or Competition preference: Competitions because I get to perform and learn at the same time. I like to hear what the judges say so I can better myself.

Most interesting thing we may not know? I love science and reading! I also love to make silly videos and edit them for my YouTube channel.

Gianna is wearing the Covet Dance "Dancer" Hoodie.


Name: Alysa Owen

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Instagram Handle: alysa114_dancer

Favorite Covet Dance Items: "HtutuO" water bottle, "Gotta Dance" Backpack, "Fierce Girl" tank, "Gotta Dance" Hoodie

Favorite Food: Miso Soup

Favorite Place Visited: Disneyland

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: Being on Dance Moms and keeping good grades.

What do you want to do when you get older? Become a Studio Owner

Do you prefer stage performances or competition? Competition because I like to see my growth. I like when they give me a score so I can see how I danced.

What might we not know about you? I love to read and play with my brothers.

Check out Alysa's youtube channel!

Name: Areana Lopez

Hometown: Apple Valley, California

Instagram Handle: arianavanilopez

Nickname: Ari

Dance Insperation: Sophia Lucia

Favorite Food: Mexican Food

Favorite Place Visited: NYC

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: Filming Dance Moms

Do you prefer stage performances or competition: Stage, because I want to be a performer not a competitor.

Most embarrasing dance moment: When I did a pencil turn and fell on the floor, lol.

Ari is wearing the purple "I Can't I Have Dance" tank.

Name: Amelya Rivera

Hometown: Manorville, New York

Instagram Handle: Amelya.Ballerina

Which do you enjoy most? I really LOVE ballet and contemporary! I also like modern because of its sharp lines and precise execution.

Dance Inspiration: My dance inspiration is Misty Copeland! I admire her strength and determination.

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: I was diagnosed with Spondylosis, which is a bilateral fracture on the L-5 [vertabrea] and Lordosis and was told I would never be able to dance again...I had to stop dancing for almost 8 months and wear a back brace for 23 hours a day. I hated the fact that I couldn't dance, but I knew that I was about to give up on my dream of becoming a professional dancer. Eventually, I was able to start taking my technique classes again and I slowly started to build back my strength and flexibility.

Anything else interesting we should know? I am an ambassador for Brown Girls Do Ballet, an organization that is quickly gaining recognition for bringing awareness to the lack of diversity in ballet.

Amelya is wearing "Martha Swing Tank"

Name: Marina Halama

Hometown: Long Grove, Illinois

Instagram Handle: marinahalama

Favorite Food: Peach Gelato

Most Memorable Dance Moment: I was dancing Clara in "The Nutcracker" when our Nutcracker Prince came down with the flu before opening night. Our Sugar Plum Cavalier learned the choreography in an hour. It's not often you get to dance pas de deux with a professional principal dancer when you are 12, so I really cherish the experience.

Something you might not know about her: I love playing Mindcraft! :)

Favorite Song Danced To: Mind Heist

Marina is wearing "Athletes of God" long sleeve pullover

Name: Sam Nelson

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Instagram Handle: samnelsondance

Dance Inspiration: Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly

Favorite Food: Fried chicken and onion rings

Favorite Place Ever Visited So Far: Cayman Islands

Most Memorable Dance Moment: Winning 1st Overall with my self-choreographed solo at Platinum National Dance Competition and earning a scholarship to train at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in LA.

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: Being able to tour the country as an assistant with both Tremaine and The Streetz dance conventions.

Anything else interesting we should know?  I play piano, drums, and guitar. I love dogs!

Sam is wearing the Covet Dance "I Can't, I Have Dance" unisex tee.


Name: Bella Hoffheins

Hometown: Leesburg, Virginia

Instagram Handle: bellahoffheins

Favorite Covet Dance Items: Reversible Long Romper, "Barre Babe" Crop Top, "But First Dance" Side Slit Tee.

Dance Inspiration: Madison Cubbage

Favorite Food: Chips and Salsa

Most Memorable Dance Moment: Being asked to be on the hit TV show Dance Moms.

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: Being a dancervscancer for children with cancer.

Do you prefer stage performance or competition? Stage because I don't feel like I am dancing for a trophy and it makes me happy to just be on stage.

Name: Brielle Letendre

Hometown: Milford, New Hampshire

Instagram Handle: brielle_dancer_

Which classes do you enjoy most? Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop

Dance Inspiration: Allison Holker

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Most Memorable Dance Moment: Winning a special judges award for my "passion and love for dance" with my very first solo performance.

Greatest Accomplishment in Life So Far: Maintaining high honors academically while immersed in competitive 6 days per week dance training program.

Anything else interesting we should know? I have a life threatening peanut allergy and have helped educate others about prevention and tolerance.

Brielle is wearing "Battement Like a Boss" tank

Name: Jade Shaknaitis

Hometown: Tavernier, Florida

Instagram Handle: Dancer.Jade

Which classes do you enjoy most? Contemporary tap

Dance Inspiration: Sophia Lucia

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Son to which you have ever danced: Beyonce Evolution

Most Memorable Dance Moment: Dancing on a team with Chloe Lukasiak

What makes you stand out from other Dancers? I try treat everyone how I want to be treated not based on how many followers someone has.

Anything else interesting we should know about you?  I live on an island and love going out in a boat, skiing, tubing, snorkeling, catching lobster, fishing...

Mackenzie is wearing "Barre Babe" crop top.