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Introducing the New Fall Covet Dancers

August 08, 2015

Introducing the New Fall Covet Dancers

We reviewed each of the hundreds of applications submitted carefully. We are so impressed with everyone’s achievements, technique, and goals. It was sooooo hard to choose just a few dancers to represent our brand on Social Media. As if narrowing  the selection down to just 100 wasn’t difficult enough, we then had to bring it down to our top ten. Even then we added just one more because we couldn’t resist.

It came down to choosing dancers that have wonderful stories to share and post frequently on Instagram and other social channels. We rounded out the selection to bridge across the country and span a range of ages. We then added, for the first time, two International dancers, Olivia Ashton from London, England and Stephanie Cage from Sydney, Australia.

Here’s a complete list of our new brand ambassadors:

Juliana B. 13 years old from California, Instagram @juliana_dancer

Quinn D. 14 year old from Indiana, Instagram @ballerinaquinn

Emili E. 11 years old from Arkansas, Instagram @emili_5678

Kaeli W. 15 from Indiana, Instagram @kaeliware5678

Olivia W. 18 from Missouri, Instgram @oliviawest6

Chynna P. 12 from California, Instagram @_ballerinachynnajaide_

Sarah Y. 14 from Ohio, Instagram @sarahpointeshoes

Kurumi 14 from Indiana, Instagram @dancer_kurumi

Olivia A. from London, England, Instagram @loiviaashton5678

Stephanie C. 15 from Sydney, Australia, Instagram @stephcage_

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