Meet Covet Dancer, Sarah

Meet Covet Dancer, Sarah

Sarah Yoak from Marietta, Ohio is a Covet Dancer on Instagram as @sarahpointeshoes. Sarah dances, draws, and rocks a pretty perfect version of the cinnamon bun (aka: the ultimate dancer updo!:>). This young dancer has a surprisingly mature attitude toward competition:  “Rather than compete with others, I like to compete with myself and be better than I was yesterday!” Sarah has a strong work ethic (she was president of her class two years in a row)  and can often be seen in her Sweat Before Beauty Hoodie from Covet Dance.  Here at @covetdance, we love ballet and so does Sarah: her biggest dance inspiration is Miko Fogarty.

More about @sarahpointeshoes:

When she’s thirsty after her favorite chicken Caesar salad, Sarah re-hydrates with her Nutcracker Water Bottle from @covetdance.  She also loves Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos if there’s a Starbucks handy.

Sarah and her family live near the confluence of two major US rivers: the Muskingum & Ohio.



  • Musical Artist:  Taylor Swift
  • Performance Song:  Sons of Liberty Main Title Theme
  • Location to Visit:  NYC!

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