Meet Covet Dancer, Kurumi

September 30, 2015

Meet Covet Dancer, Kurumi

Kurumi Narasaki (aka@dancer_kurumi) has nearly 5,000 Instagram followers and it’s easy to see why: she is ALL dance ALL the time and her passion and energy shine through every image.  Kurumi loves lyrical dance where she can portray characters and stories, and also ballet.


 This dancer is in position even when reading for school!  Living in Mishawaka, Indiana near the St. Joseph River, Kurumi has been dancing for 11 years.  She’s inspired by her own dance instructor and anyone brave enough to go on So You Think You Can Dance.  Although Kurumi has trouble picking a favorite from all the Covet Dancewear she loves, we vote for her in the I Am Battement tank.  Check out the tank @covetdance.

More about @dancer_kurumi:

Kurumi-BattementAlthough most people use her given name, she’s sometimes called Kermit:>)

Kurumi loves dance and inspiring others.  She was approached by a little girl who “wanted to dance just like her” after a recent performance.  It was a great moment for this 14-year-old dynamo!


  • Band:  Cold Play
  • Performance Song:  Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
  • Location to Visit:  Gold Coast, Australia
  • Starbucks:  Caramel Frappuccinos


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