Getting Creative with Creative Dance Studio

Getting Creative with Creative Dance Studio

As you may know, we’ve expanded Covet Dance and are now offering custom design services. Our goal is to harness our graphic design and dance industry experience to elevate the look of your studio or boutique. Check out our online design studio and fundraiser services. Play around by loading your artwork or choose from Covet Dance art. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

One of our first large studio orders came from Creative Dance Studio in Florida. We had the pleasure of working with the owner, Jessica Canino and her mom, Mrs. Canino. Together we brain-stormed and came up with a very savvy collection for their studio of about 200 dancers. Jessica wanted to offer her Intensive Dancer Program, a competition team of 20 dancers, something to wear at competitions–as well as merchandise her studio boutique with branded apparel and accessories that everyone would be excited to wear.


Another one of our fun challenges was to figure out a B-Boyz look for their hip-hop dancers. We really love how everything turned out and the experience really gave us the gumption to ‘go-for-it’ and officially launch Covet Custom. Hooray for getting creative with Creative Dance Studio!



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