Kira Kosarin Photoshoot With Behind the Scenes Photos

Kira Kosarin Photoshoot With Behind the Scenes Photos

Most of you will recognize Kira Kosarin from her starring role in the Nickelodeon sitcom, The Thundermans. But, did you know she is also an amazing dancer? She started dancing at a very early age and performed musical theater to follow in her parents’ Broadway footsteps. Check out this article showing Kira recreating her mom’s dance photo – pretty cool.

 We collaborated with her in the past with the “Ballerinas Do It Better” tank benefiting Project Resilience. In fact, you can see her modeling the tank in Dance Spirit’s February Issue!

We thought it would be a long-shot, but we asked if she would model some of our new Covet Dance apparel and a few of her favorites. When she agreed, the office was elated – especially the owner, Sharene…she is a big fan.

Well, we knew she was a professional model and actress. We knew she could dance. We knew she was beautiful. But, we didn’t realize what a truly wonderful spirit she is and how her professionalism, personality and beauty made our job so easy, and FUN! No wonder she is such a shining star.

She was such a sport that she even autographed a few Covet Dance tees and hoodies. We will be holding a social media contest soon, so stay tuned!

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