Ballerina Dreams

Ballerina Dreams

“Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ―Martha Graham

We stumbled upon Everett Dyson in our Instagram feed a few years back. He was passionately painting street art images of ballerinas in his hometown of Detroit. The images were inspired by the strength and beauty of one of ballet’s most regarded treasures– Misty Copeland.

Sharene, founder and head designer of Covet Dance, was impressed by his passion to create art from dance. It was much like hers. Their love for dance sparked a friendship and many collaborations. The first of being Nutcracker-inspired illustrations. Everett's drawings were strong and playful and when combined with Sharene’s graphic sense, really made for a great t-shirt. The collection did very well and comes back year after year by popular demand.

Other projects included 10 Dancers, 13th Peace and most recently, the “Ballerinas Do It Better” graphic tank benefiting Project Resilience.

Project Resilience raises scholarship funds for ballerinas of color who need financial help for things like ballet school tuition and pointe shoes. The tanks have gained media traction being featured in this months Dance Spirit Magazine and donned by Everett’s main muse, Misty Copeland, along with New York City’s Dance Theatre of Halem’s Ingrid Silva, Alison Stroming and Alvin Ailey’s Daphne Lee.

Exposure makes chances of raising more money possible, “I wanted to support a young and passionate artist interested in growing by using accessible and human influences, only to produce the most fantasy driven creative works of beauty,” say’s Misty.

Your purchase of the “Ballerinas Do It Better” tank helps very talented, but less fortunate, succeed in their ballerina dreams. Visit the Project Resilience website to learn more;

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