10 Cute Ways to Decorate with Stickers

September 01, 2020

10 Cute Ways to Decorate with Stickers

Dancer Sticker Sets

Not sure where to put all of your favorite stickers that you have collected? We have some ideas for you! Here are a few creative ways to use them and show off your unique style with everyday items you probably already have.  


1. Water bottle 

Cover your dance water bottle with even more cuteness! It's a great way to cover any scratches or dents from being tossed around in your dance bag.

2. Phone Case

Stick them to your phone case and have your fun stickers everywhere you go! 

3. Laptop

Covering your laptop is the perfect way to make homework more fun. Every time you lift up your laptop you can show off your colorful collection! (Just make sure you stick them the correct way so they appear right side up when your laptop in open)

4. Create a border for your mirror

You can have a colorful frame to admire while you practice your new dance routine. Plus, you will have the ultimate border for your selfies!

5. Makeup bag

If you have a smooth surface makeup bag you can create a super unique makeup bag. Perfect to add to your dance bag or take traveling.

Favorite Stickers

6. Dance Journal/Planner 

You can use the stickers to decorate a cute bullet journal and keep track of new dance goals or plan your schedule! 

7. Photoframe collage 

You can create an adorable wall decor for your room or dance studio. Just create a collage on a poster or cards talk and frame it. 

8. Shoebox

This is a super fun way to recycle! Just cover an old box with stickers and use it for storage or as a memory box.

9. Hand sanitizer bottle

Keep your hands clean and have a super cute decoration for your desk or in your dance bag! 

10. Old mint box 

Cover an old Altoid box with a few stickers and have the perfect little hair pin box for your dance bag.

Dance Stickers
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