Dance T-Shirt Design Contest

Dance T-Shirt Design Contest

Dance is an extremely creative art form and even though it has been cool to see so many of you taking your classes on zoom, we know being stuck at home has had us all feeling cooped up. So, even though things are opening up a bit, dance is not quite what it used to be and we thought we'd invite you to use your creative talents in another way.

Submit your drawing or design showing us what you see when you think "Dance." On July 30, 2020 we will select our favorite design or drawing and it will be printed as an official Covet Dance t-shirt and sold on our site!
1st place: Obviously, you will receive a shirt with your design as well as a $100 gift certificate, and an awesome grab bag full of Covet goodies!
2nd place: $75 gift card and your favorite Covet Dance water bottle
3rd place: $50 gift card
To enter: Post your artwork on Instagram, hashtag #covetdesigncontest, tag @covetdance and 2 of your dance friends. We will be going through your submissions and sharing them on our story.
We hope this fun activity will get your creative juices flowing during this crazy time away from loved ones. 

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